Daniel Johannesen

I made Watery because I couldn't get what I wanted as both a regular and competing swimmer. Sustainable products and certainty that my swimwear and equipment were made to really last in water through lots of pool sessions - and not only look good.

Daniel Johannesen
Founder & CEO

It started with a lost mission to find a pair of recycled swim trunks for my swim-mates and me back in 2016.

Today, I believe Watery can bring swimmers & water-lovers across levels, occasions, and ages together to share the absolute joy and freedom that only water can bring to the table. The same pleasure I have experienced through so many years.

Today, Watery's HQ is only 100m from the swimming pool that I spend almost all my child, teenage and pre-adult years in.

Both as a kid swimmer, while learning to swim, as a competition swimmer, and now just a regular pool swimmer.

And every time I step in, it flashbacks so many great memories and unforgettable experiences.

To bring more of these to other people is what truly drives me in my daily work to make the better swimwear and water-sport equipment that both can empower these memories and still be sustainable for our earth and oceans.

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