Hi, we’re Watery, a world of water

We make your time in water affordable, last longer and earth-friendly

Starting with baby swimming in the local swimming club in Denmark, moved on to the “Sharks” learn-to-swim team, continued with nine years of elite swimming and today just loves to swim for endurance and have fun in the oceans, our founder Daniel has spent more time in the water than average.

Five years ago in 2016, it was this personal love for every water activity, no matter the level, that forced him to start Watery with a simple goal: Empower all swimmers and water-lovers to get more out of their time in the water.

With a stern focus on durability and properties instead of fashion, better materials for the environment, and grounded in our own broad experiences in water, we develop and design water-sport equipment/swimwear in an earth-friendly way, products crafted for being used in water and with honest pricing always. 

The concept is based on the idea that every water-lover should have the ability to get the finest water-sport gear - and not just be reserved for the best of the best in the world.

We have already managed to challenge the existing standards, getting chosen by +110.000 water-lovers worldwide. However, our team on now 35 people still aim to constantly improve our current products - and you will truly feel the distinction when you do water-sport with our swimwear and equipment. Our 100% water guarantee is our pledge. 

Danish design. Made by water-lovers. Democratizing water-sport across the world.

Based in the country of Denmark, with the world's second-longest coastline/area, we know from our own vast experiences how equipment and swimwear for water sport really should be. We have combined our designs and high requirements for sustainability, durability, and use-ability in water with our handpicked Ukrainian and Asian factories' extensive experience with materials. Throughout the last five years, we have found our recipe to enable the finest water-sport gear on a price level for every water-lover.

Simple, useful and safe gear.

How we do it - and our focus

Honest pricing always

We only sell through our own website and physical store directly from our manufacturers, ensuring you get the highest innovative, premium quality at a lower price. In other words: No middlemen and no unworthy pricing.

Earth-friendly practices

Our world is the oceans and pools, and with them continually being filled up with more and more plastic, we definitely should not be part of the problem. With that in mind, we use recycled materials to create fabrics, product packing, and shipping bags - one swimsuit at a time, one towel at a time, one plastic bag at a time.

Products made to last in the water

We're not a fashion company, and we prefer to keep it that way. Unlike others, we focus on durability and properties when our swimwear and equipment are used for activities in the water. This also means no yearly collections - instead, we keep pushing the boundaries for improving our existing few products over and over again, wholly unrestricted.

Embracing the experience in and on water

It could be pretty cool to see Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky in our swimwear and equipment. But to be honest, we would preferably see a picture of you doing your favorite thing in the water with Watery on. Why? Because Watery is for the regular swimmer and water-lover - just like we're ourselves. We're in it to give you the inspiration and products to really get the most out of your time in the pool or at the beach - not at the Olympics. High five!


Daniel Johannesen

Founder and the fastest swimmer on #teamwatery


Head of Brand & a sucker for open water swim in the summer


Operations-lead & best at the beach with her kids


Creative Content producer & our teams swim-trainer


Creative Content producer & just hate cold water (... so no swimming)


Head of Support & on his paddleboard each weekend


Content writer & pool-swimmer at heart


Creative Content producer & just hate cold water (... so no swimming)


Head of Support & on his paddleboard each weekend


Content writer & pool-swimmer at heart

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