1.Child Labour

Watery will never accept any child labor connected to manufacturing the company's products or using sewing machines or fabric manufacturers operated by child labor.

2. Working hours and rest

Watery will comply with the national law and industry standards regarding working hours, overtime, rest, and holidays.

3. Salary and employment conditions

Watery will not support any discrimination with the work and hiring conditions.

4. Laws

Watery will support and respect the protection and internationally declared human rights.

5. Discrimination

Watery will ensure that there is no violation of human rights.

6. Forced labor

Watery will never accept forced labor in connection with the company's products.

7. Anti-corruption

Watery will counter all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

8. Working environment

Watery will ensure a safe and healthy working environment and prevent potential accidents and injuries.

9. Environmental impact

Watery will actively take the initiative to promote greater sustainability.

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